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                              ABOUT US

We are Linda,Rob,Daan and Tim. We are living in Amsterdam in a quiet area.

Our entire lives we have had cats.

We wanted to have a special breed and after one and a halve years of searching we knew that we wanted to have a Maine Coon.

First we found Sylvester but we didn't want to leave him to be on his own alone so we bought Diesel for company for him.

Then after a few years breeding we started with outcross (low inbreeding)

This because it is much better for the cats health and with special thanks for my mentor Diana Verhaegen from the Haecoon.

She has a high dose of knowledge, is honest and guide me with strengt and very good.

I have " found" Diana in Spring of 2015 and I am gratefull for that and she let me see and feel to be a responsable breeder.



Most important for us: That our cats are healthy and have free acces to the house, also our kittens, it's very important that they are very social cats when they leave our family.

We feed our cats raw meat and prey animals and graine free dry food.


Our cats have free acces to the house and a save garden wich they like to use.

Our cats are tested on: HD,PL,HCM,PKD dna and ultra scan,SMA,PKDEF and  when needed FIV/FELV















                                                                                Linda & Rob    TEL: 0031-0620403685