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              Available :      This kitten is looking for a new home.                                               
                                                       When you're interested in this kitten please send us a mail.  

                    Option:            Somebody is interested in this kitten but needs some time to think
                                                       about.This kitten can be come available.
                                                       If you're interested too, please send us a mail.

                    Sold:                This kitten has found a new home.



                 Kittens can be picked up at the age of 13 till 14 weeks, by then they are dewormed and fully    

                 vaccinated, when needed rabies and chipped, including passport and health certificate, and a pedigree.

                 Our cats are tested N/N on: HD,PL,HCM echo/DNA,PKD echo/DNA, SMA,PKDEF and FIV/FELV.


                                 The price of breeding kittens will be different than kittens use as pets